Application National Occupational Standards (NOS) of Sewing Machine Operator Course:

1. Handling the stitching activities using by hand or machine
This unit provides information, skills and performance criteria, needed to sew parts using by hand or machines.
2. Contribute to stitching operations to achieving the quality of the products.
This unit provides performance criteria, knowledge, skills & abilities required to monitor the production quality that undertakes the stitching activities to ensure product meet specifications.
3. Maintain work area, tools, and machines
This unit provides Performance Criteria, data & understanding, and skills needed to prepare or maintain work areas & activities to make sure machines and tools that are maintained as per company norms.
4. Maintain security, health, and safety at the workplace
This OS unit provides knowledge, skills, performance criteria and skills needed to adjust to security and safety that needs at the work that covers procedures to manage, prevent and minimize the self-risk.
5. Comply with regulatory, industry, and organizational requirements
This OS unit provides an understanding of the skills, performance criteria that needed for obliging with legal and ethical needs at the work.

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Duration 3 Months
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